Let us help you get your business online so you can focus on what you do best!


Hit the ground running with customized account set up.

We'll take care of your business basics, along with a host of advanced customization that most people miss!

Domain connection, custom fonts, custom email domain and more. We'll make sure you are well set up from Day 1

From $100/page

A fast, and quick solution to transfer across your existing funnels and web pages to a brand new host - keeping everything all in one place for easy management, and ensuring maximum uptime with minimum outage.

Using your current content and web design, our team can rebuild your site within Gold Star Pro eliminating the need for an additional webhost or web platform.


Build your mailing list with a Lead Magnet System, exchanging a valuable solution to your Prospects problems, in exchange for their email address.

Including a fully automated lead magnet delivery workflow, and full customization to suit your branding, this is a must have business tool.


Never miss an opportunity to speak with your prospects with a professional Calendar Booking System.

Our Calendar Booking System will make it easy for you to book appointments and send automated confirmation and follow up messaging to ensure your prospect shows up!


Display your expertise in your field - and generate countless new leads - with a unique, all-in-one masterclass system, complete with live masterclass session support to take your passions to the next level.

You’ll be given a complete two-page funnel, and all the masterclass & post-masterclass workflows you need, along with an Evergreen funnel to put your Masterclass on autopilot


Push your prospects to challenge themselves across a 5 Day period, and watch as they gain more and more interest in your paid services.

Including a Challenge Sign Up Funnel, Replay Page and separate pre, during, and post challenge workflows, custom made just for you, you can focus on sharing your expertise and growing your audience with a proven system that works!

From $2997

Create an online course in your area of expertise, complete with all the fundamental learning tools and infrastructure to provide your students with a great learning platform.

We'll develop your sales page, course layout, ‘thank you’ page, and more to ensure a smooth process.

Course content creation not included.


Auto approve new Facebook group members and have their information automatically feed into Gold Star Pro, allowing you to convert group members into new leads for your business.

We’ll set up Group Leads, integrate it with your Gold Star Pro account and create, or connect it to your with a Lead Magnet Delivery Workflow.


You don't need an expensive, fancy website when you're first starting out. But you do need an online presence.

Our 1 Page Website will help you establish a profession image, provide information that your prospects need, and become the backbone of your business, from which you can grow your site when the time is right.


Broaden your prospects of converting, and delve deep into the specifics of your service, with a comprehensive 5-page site.

Our 5 page website allows you to increase your online presence and can be fully customized to your business needs, helping you to establish yourself as a brand to be respected.

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Hassle-free, efficient solutions to getting things up and running.

Payment Plans Available for Purchases over $500.

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